Therapist and Mental Health Accounting

” Payment of claims are directly related to paying the bills, including paying yourself. Don’t be an interest-free bank to insurance companies” ~ Lozelle Mathai

Transitioning from group practice to private practice can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. It can also lead you to wonder about billing, submission of claims, fee scheduling, medical accounting, and the cost associated with it.

Small growing practices, like yourself, don’t have the time to be on hold with insurance companies due to denial of claims or wrong payment.​

We specialize in ensuring you get paid from your patients.​

*Monthly Reporting
* A/R Review
* Patient Billing

What is our approach?

Our approach is to:

* always be “HIPAA” complaint
* safeguard of Protected Health Information (PHI)
* follow-up on insurance claims and appeals
* simplify billing processes
* collect on outstanding claims
* get your billing cycles under control

* assist in selecting an EHR that works best for you
* assist in organizing, automating and implementing feature within your chosen ERM software.
* create a partnership with you

Who can Benefit?​

Therapist and Mental Health providers who:

* have a one – three person private practice.
* is ready to work with a company that understands that payment of claims is the lifeline to a profitable practice.