Financial Management and Consultancy

“A budget is more than just a series of numbers on a page; it is an embodiment of our values.” ~ Barack Obama

Financial Management is financial reporting and tools uses for internal purposes, for your health and wellness practice.

It is accounting for internal planning and controls within your business.​

We assist with complex accounting issues such as deferred revenue, accruals, and GAAP-based accounting

These reporting/financial tools may include:

* Annual budget
* Weekly, quarterly and yearly forecast
* Quarter and Annual analysis
* Cash Flow Statements
* Identifying financial trends in your health and wellness practice/studio

Think of these tools as management reports to keep everyone within the organization accountable for the organization’s financial objectives.

What is our approach?

Our approach to Accounting and Bookkeeping is to:

*Be your sounding board
*Assist with developing a budget that is in tune with your financial business objectives
*Assist with the day-to-day financial management
*Provide budget vs. actual financial analysis
*Identify trends within your business/industry
*Identify what income source is make money and which ones are not
*Develop, implement and design internal controls
*Develop processes and procedure
*Suggest changes that will make your practice more profitable

We are the forward thinkers within your health and wellness industry.

We use your past and present financial data to help health and wellness businesses determine and implement a solid financial plan.

Who can Benefit?​

​All health and wellness providers:

* who are looking for long-term growth within their health and wellness practice/studio.
* who are looking to develop and implement financial objective.
* who are looking to scale and grow their health and wellness practice/studio.